Our Signature Cakes

Indulge in A La Crème’s Signature Cakes, crafted with the finest ingredients for an unforgettable taste experience. From the rich Sinful Chocolate Cake to the exotic Ube Macapuno with Walnuts, each cake is perfect for any celebration or sweet craving.

Ube Macapuno with Walnuts

Sinful Chocolate Cake

Blueberry Cheesecake

Carrot - Walnut Cake

Mango-Choco Walnut Torte


Tres Leches Cake

New Classic Red Velvet Cake

Custom-made Cakes

Celebrate your special moments with A La Crème’s Custom-Made Cakes. Tailored to your unique preferences, our cakes are designed to make any occasion memorable. From personalized designs to your favorite flavors, we bring your sweet visions to life with exceptional craftsmanship and taste.